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Tuesday, 1 May 2012 of Top Universities in the World, 2012, Best Ranking Universities in the World- Here is a list of top and best ranking Universities in the World offering various programs like mba, business, law, engineering, medicine, media, films, arts, design, architecture and planning like Harvard University, Stanford, Dukes, Oxford, Cambridge University. List of Top universities in the World include the best ranking universities in the world from 28 different countries which are Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Russia, New Zealand, China, Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Malaysia, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil, Greece, Dubai, South Africa, Japan, Ireland, South Korea, Hong Kong, Spain and Sweden. Some of the top universities in the list are Harvard, Stanford, University of New South Wales, Alberta, UNSW, Oxford, Cambridge University, Lincoln, National University of Singapore, University of Auckland, Amsterdam, Oslo, Boras, Aichi, Kent, Mc Gill University, Patras, British Columbia University and many more.


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