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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Leadership model & Leaders’ activity

Leadership model

Every class of 60 consists of six leaders elected by the members according to the online preferential voting giving out reasons for the election of the leader. Each leader picks up his members according to his preference. The six teams are headed by six faculty members who are called as mentors. Among the six leaders two are elected as SPOCs (Single point of contact) SPOC 1 and SPOC 2. Each class is headed by a faculty member – class teacher

Leaders’ activity

Every leader got their own team of 10 members, so we are going to make the leaders start their team to participate in some activities within the class.

So the teams start participating in all the activities and compete with the other teams, and start gaining their own points.

And the leader also gets rating according to the team score and coordination.

Now the teams (leaders) within the class become as one and start competing with other branches.

And all the leaders should have their own team member’s updated record and SPOC must have the whole class record and for this they are awarded with points which may lead them to score high.

So every leader is supposed to be an active member.

And leaders should start updating and using the blog


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